Friday, February 24, 2012

I Love Dr. Annisa's Class!!!

Assalamualaikum... :)

I dedicated this entry to a lecturer I admire, Dr Annisa Nor Jettey..
 She teaches us Linguistics for this semester.. 
At first, I thought she is a scary person.. 
People said she is super duper strict..hehe..
 Yes, I admit that,  she's a little bit strict.. but isn't it good for us to have a teacher like her? So that, we will be well prepared always.. Right?? :D
And, trust me, the more u get to know her, the more you will respect and salute her. Wherever she go, she'll contribute much to that place.. 
During her time teaching secondary schools few years back then, and also when she was a language officer at JPN... She made much changes..!! 
 I want to be like her too.. >,< Do good things for people without even care for the reward.. Sincere and always pray the best for others... 
One more thing, I really enjoy her class.. She is really good at grabbing our attention. I like her teaching style. Even the period of her lecture sometimes reach 2-3 hours, it doesn't make me feel bored at all. Sometimes, she prepared mini games or activity for us... Which are indeed, interesting..!! 
And the last and most important, she tries her very best to make us become a good English teacher like her. A teacher who is always honest to her job, with the intention to engage the students' interest in learning English. That's the true TEACHER... ^_^ I'm so motivated right now..hahaa

essential elements to be good in English:

* exposure
* practice
* opportunity <----this, i'm not sure..hehehe

I think I had enough for today.. :) Till we meet again, wassalam...

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