Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Short story "LOVE??"

Nurina is alone. Sitting on the bench near that beautiful lake makes her recaptures the memories she had 7 years ago. It was the last day of her schooling years. There, she and her best friends, Yaya, Wan, Iza, Ati and Iqa spent their last moment together after sitting for Biology's SPM paper. They laid on the grass and talked about their future plans; about studies, careers to pursue and also about 'LOVE'! ? Most of them already had their special boyfriend at that time. Only Nurina and Iza were still single.

Nurina was known as a bookworm at school. Her role as the librarian made the nickname suited her even better. She was a brilliant student, who always got the flying colours' results in every examination. With the nerdy and low profile personality, she was never listed as a popular student at her school despite the cute face she has. But, she did not know someone had been stalking on her since she was in Form 2. The guy was actually a well known athlete in that school, playing for the football team who acted as the striker. Even though many girls love to approach him, his feeling over Nurina is still strong.

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